If you are a couple of owners of mini or small houses, you will usually need a furniture design that is certainly in accordance with the state of your home. Especially if you and your family only live together or maybe just four people with your children. Maybe you will […]

If you are thinking about a new design or a new creation that you want to make, then there are many DIY creations that you can set as an example. We all certainly have a lot of unused items lying in our homes or garages waiting to be thrown away. […]

How do you plan to cover your home? Where is the main view that is the view of the outside area of ​​your house will be seen, your terrace filled with charming views every day? If still not, and you think finding interesting inspiration that you can make an example […]

Apartments become a form of dwelling that is already familiar with the lives of urban communities. If we live in an apartment, of course, we should not expect to get enough space for gardening. Especially with the backyard, Page becomes a shared facility for all apartment dwellers. But if you […]

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. Some people complain that the kitchen is too small and does not fit to store a myriad of cooking utensils. Not to mention the items that are not well ordered. A messy kitchen will certainly not be pleasant […]

Maybe you are looking for an impressive living room design and decoration for you to use this year? So we have a monochrome living room design that you can make a great inspiration for this year. Monochrome-themed interiors are never timeless and are suitable for any residential style. However, this […]

Talking about your home garden problem, maybe you who like a vegetable garden will be interested in the garden box design idea this time. Garden box or commonly called a raised garden is a garden design that is made in an arrangement with plant boxes that distinguish one plant from […]

Storage cabinet design ideas are indeed very useful to make your home design more comfortable. Because the longer we stay in a house, the more things we have. In fact, the available space is quite limited and does not increase in size with the increase of goods. Therefore we must […]

If you see street art where a lot of colorful streaks fill the walls of the street, do you think that it is very beautiful? And now we will give you some charming ideas that you might not have thought of. Where we have prepared some graffiti art designs for […]

Ropes that often appear on the pier or the beach can be interesting accessories and decorations for the house! The unique texture and rustic impression make this decoration made from mine very suitable for any design concept. Including DIY rope designs that you can take inspiration to make your home […]

If inside the house there is a wooden floor or parquet, then in the outdoor home there is a wooden deck. Because the installation is outdoors, wooden decks are often also called outdoor wooden decks. Where you can decorate your home garden area with wooden decks to make it look […]

If you think about the bedroom is one of the most vital spaces in a dwelling. Because the main function of this one room is to rest or sleep, then the element of comfort becomes the main element in designing and decorating a bedroom. You do not need to worry […]