Scandinavian dining room design is a trend in its own design and decoration today. Scandinavian design becomes an easy design to emulate. This design is more concerned with neat and minimalist impression. The warm and modern impression is very fitting for your dining room. In addition, the Scandinavian style can […]

Rooftop garden design ideas are a favorite choice of homeowners in the city today. How not, this design idea brings a beautiful garden in the roof area of ​​your home. For those of you who really do not have land to make a garden, can try it. Like moving your […]

The Mediterranean bathroom is one of the luxurious designs and is full of stunning beauty today. The Mediterranean style itself is a style that gives a colorful appearance. Not forgetting is also a style that carries a characteristic from the previous era. This style is also referred to as a […]

Get to know the design of the industrial rustic living room, which is currently trending in a world of design filled with elegant accents combined with its distinctive natural accents. The combination of these designs creates a sweet design and decoration in the living room for you to enjoy. With […]

The industrial farmhouse kitchen design has become the latest design that is trending lately. Where this design is a very amazing combination of the elegant farmhouse and industrial styles. The farmhouse is a design that creates a warm village-style kitchen in the past. Whereas Industrial is a design that creates […]

Attic bathroom design is a new design to utilize a room that is often used as a warehouse in the area of ​​your home. As you know, the attic of our house is often synonymous with a dark and dusty room. In addition, the attic is usually only used to […]

A home yard is a comfortable place and the first place that people (guests) will see when they enter the area of ​​our house. Other people who come to our house will definitely conclude the atmosphere of the house from the area outside the house the first time. Where is […]

The monochrome theme has become one of the popular designs applied in various fields, from fashion to interior design. Rooms with monochrome nuances are now being chosen specially for those who are happy with the minimalist room design. Monochrome-themed bedrooms can indeed give the impression of elegance, modern, and cozy […]

If you do not know the characteristics of contemporary colors, then here I will explain what contemporary colors are. The hallmark of contemporary coloring styles is the use of only one type of color. Usually, the colors are pale and neutral. Used in all parts of the room, both walls, […]

Right now the trend is for a beautiful shabby chic style bedroom, where the owner fills the bedroom with decorations and furniture in pastel colors and floral patterns typical of Victorian Style. Lots of homeowners who dress their bedroom area so sweet. Unlimited, any space deserves to be decorated in […]

In modern times, shower space in the bathroom is common and even becomes a necessity. Besides being comfortable and functional, bathing with a shower system also saves more water usage. The right shower room design can build its own feel in the bathroom. Well, this time we will give you […]