15 Awesome Roof Garden Design Ideas For Upgrade Your Home

Revolutionize Your Landscaping Design

Gardens not only in terms of the beauty of the house. However, the health and green aspects of the house are also held by the role of the ‘garden’. Unfortunately, in urban areas, it is quite difficult to find enough land for the existence of parks. Then, how? Architectural ideas began to be developed again as a solution for urban parks.

One solution to create healthier homes in urban areas is to apply the concept of a roof garden design. This concept began to be developed after the discourse of green architecture is rife in recent years.

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12 Indoor Garden Design Ideas For New Home Decoration

The Best Indoor Garden Design

Having your own garden at home is one of the dreams of many people. The presence of the park will make the house feel more beautiful and look aesthetically pleasing. The garden model that is currently a trend is a minimalist garden with greenery and small flowers. The location of the park is not always outdoors, but there is also a minimalist garden at home that can create a cool atmosphere.

Not only plants that are very simple to grow, but you can use herbs in various ways ranging from decorations to cooking to making tea. Giving your ingredients plenty of sunshine, about six to eight hours a day is what most herbs want. As long as they develop, you have chosen the perfect container.

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15 Small Garden Design Ideas That Are Comfortable To Decorate Your Garden

Courtyard gardens patio

Having a green and beautiful garden is every homeowner’s dream. Besides being able to carry fresh air around the house, seeing green leaves is also good for eyes that see a computer monitor every day while at work. A comfortable green garden will provide a lot of positive energy in the body so that it can regenerate and eliminate the saturation that is in us.

No need to be discouraged if your page area is limited. With a little creativity, anyone can have a dream garden. Green areas on narrow land still provide a fresh atmosphere for your home. Because in general, a comfortable garden does not have to have a large area. Just need the right design and decoration for yourself.

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