8 Best DIY Hydroponic Garden Ideas For Small Backyard

Having your own garden at home will provide many benefits. One of them is to reduce expenses to buy a variety of vegetables and other kitchen needs that can be planted in home gardens. Or you want a housing element that is useful on various sides, in addition to decorating it also benefits the family. What about hydroponic parks? with a hydroponic garden, you will get a cooler and more natural visual scenery. But, not only that. More secure pesticide-free vegetables can also be obtained.

There are many hydroponic garden inspirations that you can make if you are interested in trying to make your own hydroponic garden in your backyard. We have here put together a hydroponic garden design that can and is suitable for you to make in your backyard area. Here are some hydroponic garden design ideas for your backyard.

8 Best DIY Hydroponic Garden Ideas For Small Backyard

Best Hydroponic Garden Ideas
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Make your hydroponic garden wider like the design above. Hydroponic gardens like the picture above can also be made to follow the back fence of your house. To make your fence look more beautiful and green when your plants grow.

Best Hydroponic Gardening
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If you don’t have the cost to create a large hydroponic garden, it’s enough to make a simple hydroponic garden as long as you can grow crops to spare time and make your backyard more beautiful.

DIY PVC Pipe Garden
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Create a hydroponic garden design in a row or pyramid. In addition to making it easy to move, this design can also make it easier for you to sort plants at each level.

Gardening on Flipboard
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If you want to save space in your backyard, then you can create a hydroponic garden that attaches to your fence. Hang pipes on the fence to reduce land use in the backyard area of ​​the house.

Hydroponic Home Garden
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Using plastic cups for plant containers is not a bad idea to create your hydroponic garden design. In addition to helping reduce the disposal of plastic waste, you also get the benefits in the backyard of your home with the hydroponic garden.

Incredible DIY Vertical Plant
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Replace the pipe with bamboo to reduce the cost of making your hydroponic garden. It’s just that the disadvantage of using bamboo is to have a period of time. Where you have to replace it with new bamboo so you can still grow crops.

Minimalist Creative Garden Ideas
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Create your hydroponic garden like the design above to get more space for your plants. Where you can increase crop yields in your hydroponic garden.

Vertical Vegetable Garden ideas
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Put a little paint or drawings on the pipe or bamboo that you use as your hydroponic garden container. So that the design is more varied and beautiful to look at.

How? Are you interested in trying one of the ideas above? I hope you can find the right idea for you to make your favorite hydroponic garden design.

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