If you want to make your home atmosphere healthier with an indoor garden, it doesn’t hurt if you make a vertical garden design. Where the vertical garden in the room can help you in refreshing the atmosphere in your home and can also reduce the use of large areas in […]

Are you looking for a beautiful bathroom ceiling design idea that you can make an interesting inspiration in making your bathroom more beautiful and stunning? Then you find the right place for your inspiration. Where we have provided for you some beautiful, luxurious ceiling design ideas for your bathroom that […]

Do you have a wall that has no decoration at all and want to try to make DIY wall art to decorate it? Then you find the right place. Not bored feels like preaching about creativity. Ideas, ideas, and imagination to continue to decorate the room apparently continue to develop […]

Doing bathroom remodeling doesn’t have to cost a lot if you know an interesting remodel idea. Bathroom remodeling is done to bring a new atmosphere in the house, especially the bathroom. Bathroom renovation ideas can be done even by using items in your house. A simple concept, or maybe by […]

Having a small garden in the backyard of a green and beautiful house is every homeowner’s dream. Besides being able to bring fresh air around the house, seeing green leaves is also good for the eyes that look at the computer monitor every day. No need to be discouraged if […]

Do you know the style of the farmhouse? Then I will inspire farmhouse style designs for your small living room. Many choices of living room decoration concepts that are the current trend. Ranging from industry, minimalism, farmhouses, retro, and so on. If you plan to renovate your small living room, […]

Do you have an apartment kitchen that is less friendly? Where vacant land in the middle of the city has become a rare item. Not surprisingly, dwelling with the concept of increasingly mushrooming apartments, for example, apartments. Although it was built in a tiered, the size of one apartment unit […]

You want to change the look of your little house, then you have come to the right place. At present home design with a small concept or often referred to as a simple house is still the most popular choice. Many architects or home designers choose to use the minimalist […]

The coffee table is one of the most important home furniture, its function is not only to complement the chair in the living room. The presence of a unique and nice table can also affect one’s mood while in the living room. Especially for you who like drinking coffee and […]

Dorm rooms that have limited space make you have to think more creatively in designing it. Especially if you have a roommate, you have to think about how you sleep, study or relax in your room. The idea of ​​boarding room design at this time is not just limited to […]

The shabby chic design incorporates various unique elements, giving a fresh new color. For example, used furniture that shows the impression of antique, fabrics that give the impression of comforts such as cotton and linen, and soft colors like pink, lavender, and bright blue. You can apply the concept of […]