Are you the type of person who likes calm, comfort, and a romantic person? Then the farmhouse is the right style for your home. The farmhouse is an interior design style that applies a rural atmosphere that is calm and blends with nature into the home space. In its history, […]

Every morning when we start our morning routine, the bathroom is the first place we go to start cleaning. Likewise, when finished doing daily activities, the bathroom is a place to unwind and relax in addition to its main function as a place to cleanse yourself. It is important to […]

Industrial design is in full swing, both in offices, apartments, and even for home interior design. Interiors like this show unfinished rooms, such as open pipes, walls to wooden furniture, and exposed waterways. This style often features bricks, concrete, or exposed beams. The presence of metal on walls and doors […]

According to language, rustic can be interpreted as rude or rural. So a rustic style home decoration can be interpreted as a natural, natural, and stylish design inspired by rural houses. The natural and natural impression is obtained from the original wood material with a touch that looks both rough […]

Industrial-style interiors are generally applied to a large residential area. The interior is identical to the atmosphere of a warehouse or factory style and the material of iron and concrete has a masculine and cold impression. Not only suitable for living rooms and kitchens, but this industrial style can also […]

The bathroom is a room that is often used to clean the body. Good for bathing, or used as a powder room. Well, if you are thinking about changing the main bathroom, your powder room or toilet looks more attractive. Here are some farmhouse bathroom ideas that you can make […]

The industrial style is generally applied to cafe interiors. Although the concept shows material exposure, the industrial style also has a modern impression that is displayed. Therefore many are interested in making industrial-style living rooms in their homes. Not only impressed messy and rough, but the living room with an […]

Swimming is one sport that is both healthy and enjoyable. This one exercise can even improve your sleep quality. Especially if you have a large swimming pool at home can certainly make your swimming atmosphere more satisfied and privacy. Especially when your goal is not to swim a serious sport, […]

To have a dream bookshelf, there are some people who use the services of architects to simply consult or cooperate. Get a bookshelf that fits your expectations, then one of the references that you should consider is the minimalist and modern wall bookshelves. You can innovate to make an effective […]

How to design simple staircase stairs? The simplicity of the design of the household stairs requires the design, installation, and finishing that is precise and accurate in order to create an endless result that is second to none. An important factor for completing a simple stair design is to make […]

The outdoor shower room design does not have to be luxurious and complicated. Do not believe it? some of these designs can be proof. The presence of an outdoor shower room has many benefits, especially for those of you who enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. No wonder now that […]

Decorating a bedroom is the most pleasant thing. Because the bedroom becomes a personal place for everyone. In accordance with its function, namely as a place to rest, indeed comfort and tranquility should be the main points before decorating the bedroom. Now, there are lots of bedroom interior designs that […]