If inside the house there is a wooden floor or parquet, then in the outdoor home there is a wooden deck. Because the installation is outdoors, wooden decks are often also called outdoor wooden decks. Where you can decorate your home garden area with wooden decks to make it look […]

If you think about the bedroom is one of the most vital spaces in a dwelling. Because the main function of this one room is to rest or sleep, then the element of comfort becomes the main element in designing and decorating a bedroom. You do not need to worry […]

There is no doubt that the room is indeed one of the most vital rooms in the house. The room is also the most private place for everyone. In the room, people rest, change clothes, sleep, relax, daydream until making love with a partner. Of course, the time spent in […]

When talking about the backsplash design in your kitchen area, then we can say that the backsplash design can really change the look and feel of the kitchen. So, if you want to improve your kitchen instead of changing and changing everything, you might want to add a rustic style […]

Are you thinking of trying to make a new creation by combining modern decoration with vintage? We have here a few examples that you might try to inspire. In vintage design, the elements of old items put into the room can evoke a cozy atmosphere and a warm atmosphere. As […]

If you have never heard of mountain home decor, here we will explain a little what a mountain house is. Home decor is a decoration that often uses several natural materials in the form of wood and stone piled up. Here, we really hold back the rural elements. Where in […]

Having plenty of storage in the bathroom is an important part of providing functional and comfortable design for you. And storage design has always been an important design in the home whether it’s in the bedroom, kitchen, storage room, dining room, or bathroom. Whether it’s with modern interiors, rustic, Asian, […]

Many people see the idea of ​​the gazebo as a window to remember the past, there are also those who make the gazebo as a problem solver in making a comfort when a separate space is needed to make yourself comfortable or it could be to be alone with your […]

Regardless of the area of ​​land you have, you need a creative plan in designing the building that you will inhabit. Every corner of the space must be utilized as well as possible, so as to produce an efficient arrangement. The application of color combinations in the area of ​​the […]

Decorate your home with beautiful and unique lamps from mason jar designs Wall sconces. Mason jar (mason jar) is increasingly popular these days. If you browse the mason jar on the internet, you will find lots of creations from this multifunctional jar. One that you will find is Mason Jar […]

A small and minimalist garden can be one of the complements around your home. This is because the park provides a soothing effect on your home. In the past, the park only existed in a number of mansions with large courtyards, but for now, the park can also be made […]

Are you the type of person who likes calm, comfort, and a romantic person? Then the farmhouse is the right style for your home. The farmhouse is an interior design style that applies a rural atmosphere that is calm and blends with nature into the home space. In its history, […]