9 Fabulous Modern Living Room Design Ideas For Your Small Home

In addition to the beauty of the exterior, another thing that will affect the good first impression of the guest is the living room of your house. Because the first room that this guest enters can give you an idea of ​​your occupancy and character. Even though your home is small, you can still find comfort in your home through a design that is suitable for you to apply in your living room. Therefore, the concept of the living room design should be considered carefully. For a good and impressive first impression, you can design a modern living room with a blend of various styles. The modern style you can apply also to your small house, so you can make your guests stay comfortable in your home. No need for super expensive ornaments or furniture. There are a number of tricks you can do to make the modern living room of your dreams come true.

The modern design itself is currently also experiencing many more innovations to enhance your beauty and comfort in using this modern style design. Modern style is also not always about how we create an atmosphere or design using all the current furniture. But sometimes you have to try to create a combination so that the modern design doesn’t feel stiff and instead makes you feel uncomfortable using this modern design in your living room. Here we have some modern living room designs for those of you who want beauty and comfort in your living room.

9 Fabulous Modern Living Room Design Ideas For Your Small Home

Amazing Living Room Rug
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The living room is very simple and doesn’t use much furniture to make a wide impression in the living room. The comfortable L sofa is combined with a soft table that you can also use for your own footwear when relaxing in your living room.

Apartment Living Room
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It looks modern and simple, choosing the right furniture by choosing a color that matches the wall color to make it not contrast. On the black wall are placed beautiful contrasting paintings to make it a simple sight for your small living room.

Best Small Living Room
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Pale yellow color to make the atmosphere more comfortable and relaxed. Helped by a small soft sofa to welcome your guests. This small living room design is made with an open concept so that with a small space you can still enjoy enough comfort in each of your rooms.

Creative Living Room Design
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White will always look harmonious if you mix it with black and dark blue. Seen in this simple modern living room. The dark flooring makes a comfortable contrast with your living room sofa. A slight touch of dark blue on the sofa cushion makes it even more perfect with enough light from the window.

Little Living Room
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A soft white carpet with a simple round table becomes a comfortable point in this living room. Plus a round sofa in addition to when you want to relax in your living room. The living room is increasingly beautiful with a comfortable bright white color.

Minimalist small Living Room
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The design of the living room is almost the same as the design of the first living room. It’s just that this living room looks brighter with a more thorough white color from the sofa to the curtains.

Small Apartment Living Room
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This gray living room looks elegant and comfortable for a small living room. Add to this a neat wall shelf for you to place photos or other decorations to make a separate scene in your living room. The soft sofa is an added point in the comfort of this living room.

Small Living Room Decorating ideas

Image SourceIf you talk about color, then the living room is a design of a living room with a variety of colors. Not the same as the concept of the color of the previous guest room which is always the same. The living room is designed a bit like a mixture of modern and bohemian designs. But the beauty of this living room is not lost and remains a favorite design for those of you who like the uniqueness.

Small Living Room Interiors
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And finally, there is a living room design that faces you directly in front of the main door of your house. The widened design makes this living room look wider though narrow. Painting and views of the home page become a point of beauty in the design of this living room.

How beautiful and comfortable isn’t it! I hope the ideas above can help you create a comfortable and beautiful design in your small living room.

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