10+ Amazing Open Plan Home Design Ideas for You to See

Open plan or open floor house design ever and still hits in the world of interior design. This house design is perfect for you who have an area of ​​land that is on average less than 200 square meters. With the right layout/layout, even limited dimensions or narrow land feels more spacious! All you need is a smart layout and furniture with adequate storage space. But there are actually other reasons why open plan home designs are so popular, almost everywhere!

This kind of house design is also seen to be able to increase the prestige of the homeowner because it reflects the present and luxury. Though open house design can be applied in all types of houses, even simple houses. Effective utilization of limited space is made easier with open plan house designs. Residents of small homes can also enjoy the atmosphere of relief thanks to this kind of home design. But, how to make it? No need to worry because we will give you some home design and decorating ideas with the open plan concept below.

Amazing Open Plan Home Design
Amazing Open Plan Home Design

Know the Open Plan Concept

An open plan house is a residential concept that combines two or more rooms in one open space by eliminating the use of barriers or room dividers such as walls and doors. The design concept that is usually applied is to combine the three main rooms on one floor, namely the living room, dining room, and kitchen. For rooms that are more private, such as bedrooms and bathrooms, usually still need a barrier or a barrier.

Although the design of the building seems easy and simple, the arrangement of open house interiors cannot be done haphazardly. This open-plan design is a design that is designed for people who like the design of a small house without insulation. Removing walls and even doors are believed to make the impression of cramped in the house to be reduced. If you are still confused about how to realize an open-plan design, consider a few examples as a reference below!

Amazing Open Plan Home Design Ideas for You to See

Living Ideas Room Huge Delectable
Living Ideas Room Huge Delectable – Source: dlfkerala.com
Living Room with Kitchen Luxury
Living Room with Kitchen Luxury – Source: za.pinterest.com
Modern House Design Interior
Modern House Design Interior – Source: archinect.com
Modern Open Living Room
Modern Open Living Room – Source: benimmulku.com
Open Concept Kitchen Design
Open Concept Kitchen Design – Source: architizer.com
Open Kitchen with Living Room
Open Kitchen with Living Room – Source: sds-us.ru
Open Plan Interior
Open Plan Interior – Source: wisemanproperties.net
Small Living Room with Kitchen
Small Living Room with Kitchen – Source: inspiront.com
Dream Scene Design
Dream Scene Design – Source: blogcars.co
Kitchen Designing and Planning
Kitchen Designing and Planning – Source: blog.fabika.ru

Those are some examples of home designs with an open plan concept that you can try. If you want another design idea, you can click here.

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