10 Incredible Swimming Pool Design Ideas For Comfortable Relaxing Place

If the house has a large backyard, of course using the land to be a relaxation space can be an option. The relaxation area itself can be designed by designing a garden, sitting area, or even a pool to refresh the atmosphere.

Especially on a very hot day, the swimming pool can make you and your family cool in the area of ​​the house. Here are some pool designs that can be applied at home.

Incredible Swimming Pool Design
Incredible Swimming Pool Design

1. Greeny Backyard

Even with a limited area, creativity in decorating this area will not be limited. With a modest size, a small pool and garden area look stunning and are also comfortable for residents or visitors. Various plants on the walls of residential guardrails, flower pots and also shady trees attract the garden with this soothing pool.

Marvellous Plunge Pool For Small Backyard
Marvelous Plunge Pool For Small Backyard – Source: momorocks.com
Artificial grass next to your pool
Artificial grass next to your pool – Source: pinterest.ru

2. Deck Yard

Making the back area of ​​the house closed and decorated with a wooden deck, of course, gives a beautiful and natural appearance. The choice of ornamental plants like mini bamboo is very fitting with the atmosphere of this one area. The mini swimming pool is designed with a modern rigid shape. The glass divider becomes a fence between the campfire deck and the pond. The separate deck near the pool is equipped with a comfortable seat so that residents can relax and enjoy the freshness of their backyard.

Simple Small Pool Deck Plans
Simple Small Pool Deck Plans – Source: pinterest.cl
Large Deck Design Ideas Composite
Large Deck Design Ideas Composite – Source: deck-porch-railings.com

3. Long Pool

If the remaining backyard area is longitudinal land, this longitudinal pond idea can be applied. The longitudinal pool is designed with water flowing like a mini waterfall at the end. Surrounded by a wooden fence is of course quite private for its inhabitants. Swimming with an elongated shape is also useful for exercising its residents. Not only the pool, but this area also has a sun sofa that can be used to relax.

New Outdoor Pool Design
New Outdoor Pool Design – Source: rustic-2.blogspot.com
Gallery Texas Tiny Pools
Gallery Texas Tiny Pools – Source: tinypools.com

4. Breezy Yard

The place to relax, of course, must be calm and cool. As in this area of ​​the yard, tall trees provide shade from the sun’s heat. Stone walls with a shower add a natural impression of their occupancy. The grass also filled the land so that the area around the pool was not slippery and the people around it were not easily plugged after leaving the pool.

Rectangle Pool Landscaping
Rectangle Pool Landscaping – Source: budapestsightseeing.org
Pool Yard Ideas
Pool Yard Ideas – Source: betzpools.com

5. Minimalist Yard

The backyard area, which is located lower than the residential floor, feels very private. High wall space and minimalist design. The selection of calm colors throughout the area presents the impression of peace and calm. The pool area is also equipped with a large barbecue place so residents and visitors can party on this page.

Amazing Pool Designs
Amazing Pool Designs – Source: teracee.com
Swimming pool designs
Swimming pool designs – Source: fastresty.blogspot.com

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