15 Perfect DIY Corner Shelves Ideas that will Decorate Your Home

There is so much potential resting in each corner of our home, which is why these design ideas for DIY corner shelves are such incredible idea starters. Mostly underutilized and misunderstood, the corners in a home, be they in the kitchen, living room, or bedrooms, don’t get the amount of attention they deserve. Yes, it can feel tricky or even impossible sometimes to find something that fits just right from a big box store, but that is why this amazing list exists. You don’t need to go out and shop for the best corner shelf when you can make it on your own at home.

When you start your own shelves DIY project or any DIY furniture, you want to be sure not to be in a rush. Take your time and think through all the stylistic choices and options for placement. You can build a hanging shelf for a nursery or a sturdy dark wooden bookshelf for a study. You can take inspiration from the ideas listed here and give each of them your own spin to make the perfect shelf for your needs.

When creating a corner shelf, it is important to remember that there often is not much light in the corner of rooms. Consider this when placing and building your shelves and maybe add an overhead lighting unit or a lamp to brighten your new space.

Perfect DIY Corner Shelves
Perfect DIY Corner Shelves

Of course, there are also many great purchasing options out there available through Etsy that maintain that DIY furniture feels but make things a lot easier for you. Often you can collaborate with the designers to get the exact right look you are searching for, thus customizing the project without doing all the work yourself.

Take your time and be sure to double-check all your measurements before getting started. Corner shelves can be tricky, but the finished product is so rewarding that it will be well worth your time and effort.

Perfect DIY Corner Shelves Ideas that will Decorate Your Home

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