Looking for ideas on how to make your perfect garden in your small backyard? We have collected a number of ideas and examples to help you get started. The yard and garden can be decorated in different ways, apart from planting different plants. There are many ways to achieve this. […]

Get to know more about multi-level garden design ideas and a variety of tips and ideas for applying multi-level garden designs, both for your indoor garden or outdoor garden. Multi-level garden design is a landscape technique that has long been used to utilize land in hilly or mountainous areas, where […]

One part that is very influential in the appearance of the house is the garden. How come? Home gardens are the parts that are immediately visible to others before they enter further into your home. For this reason, it is important to determine the home garden design that matches the […]

A garden will radiate beauty for the surrounding environment. A garden with beautiful and beautiful flowers and green leaves will give you freshness. If you are planning to make a garden, here we present pictures of the minimalist garden in the house that might be your choice. Having a beautiful […]

Not all houses have a garden. Maybe for reasons of limited land, you decide to expand the interior rather than the exterior. There is also because they choose to live in an apartment so it is very difficult to get a garden in front of their house. This generally happens […]

If you want to change the garden front or back of your house by presenting a beautiful garden, no need to invite many gardeners to arrange it. Besides, you will need very much money, maybe their work is not according to your wishes. Then how do we beautify the garden […]

Landscaping with stones is very decorative and popular with many gardeners. Maybe you don’t want to make an actual stone garden but you like the idea of ​​combining stones with plants and other elements in your garden to frame and arrange spaces in a way that interests you. Gravel, stones, […]

Does your little garden have you at the end of your moorings? You have come to the right place. Small gardens, small terraces, and tiny terraces may require a little more thought than larger spaces, but even the smallest plots can be transformed into elegant outdoor retreats. You don’t need […]

Bamboo is an exotic plant that can be seen in many parks. They are very durable plants that you can see as fences and other obstacles in the garden. Most varieties grow very tall, and although they can be trimmed from above, most grow well above three feet in height. […]

Pergola is your own private space, which you may design in your style. While looking for a suitable piece for your backyard you will encounter varied pergola types. Quite simply, you’re searching for a covered pergola. A freestanding pergola is built in an identical way for a pergola that is […]

If you choose a more complex type of landscape, you must involve a professional. The landscape is quite large and sometimes can be very small. The front yard landscape is very important if you want to get a completely different look and feel for your front porch. Because if we […]

A home garden is not only synonymous with green plant decoration and collection of various flowers that have beautiful colors. To beautify the look of a minimalist garden, you can give a more fresh impression and the arrangement is to use the fountain design on the home page. The placement […]