Get to know the design of the industrial rustic living room, which is currently trending in a world of design filled with elegant accents combined with its distinctive natural accents. The combination of these designs creates a sweet design and decoration in the living room for you to enjoy. With […]

If you do not know the characteristics of contemporary colors, then here I will explain what contemporary colors are. The hallmark of contemporary coloring styles is the use of only one type of color. Usually, the colors are pale and neutral. Used in all parts of the room, both walls, […]

Home is the most comfortable place for everyone. A house is a place where you can go home, and of course, there are various rooms in the house that you can use such as a bedroom for you to rest, a bathroom as a place to clean yourself, and a […]

Maybe you are looking for an impressive living room design and decoration for you to use this year? So we have a monochrome living room design that you can make a great inspiration for this year. Monochrome-themed interiors are never timeless and are suitable for any residential style. However, this […]

According to language, rustic can be interpreted as rude or rural. So a rustic style home decoration can be interpreted as a natural, natural, and stylish design inspired by rural houses. The natural and natural impression is obtained from the original wood material with a touch that looks both rough […]

The industrial style is generally applied to cafe interiors. Although the concept shows material exposure, the industrial style also has a modern impression that is displayed. Therefore many are interested in making industrial-style living rooms in their homes. Not only impressed messy and rough, but the living room with an […]

There are many ways to feel back to the old days when you were little. Starting from opening the photo sheet to applying the old time’s atmosphere in your modern home. The vintage style is synonymous with memories of the past, flowers, and shabby items. But even if it’s a […]

You certainly agree that the living room is one of the most important parts or elements of a house. Not only related to its function as a room to receive guests, but also because this space is usually the first area that we access every time we enter the house. […]

The living room is a public space in the house. In this room, you welcome guests who visit. And the living room must have a design that can represent who and what you and your family are like. The living room should be designed as attractive and comfortable as possible. […]

Do you want to turn your fireplace design into a focal point in the room? The fireplace is a functional and decorative part of the house. It keeps you warm during colder months. It also provides a focal point for the room, especially in the living room area. The appearance […]

Here we also know summer, which in some situations certainly affects the ideas and concepts of home interiors. Especially in big cities that are famous for the weather and the temperature of the hot air, of course, the design of the house must be in accordance with the existing climate […]

Do you know the style of the farmhouse? Then I will inspire farmhouse style designs for your small living room. Many choices of living room decoration concepts that are the current trend. Ranging from industry, minimalism, farmhouses, retro, and so on. If you plan to renovate your small living room, […]