Relax with a hanging chair at home, of course, fun and soothing. Not only that, but the hanging chair also makes your home decoration more beautiful. Check out the tips and recommendations from the following BP-Guide if you want to add decoration to your home with a hanging chair. The […]

Are you looking for a new and unique wardrobe design to spruce up the house? The cupboard is furniture whose function is unquestionable. This is furniture that helps us maintain the neatness of the house, even when we don’t have time to clean. The wardrobe in the bedroom is also […]

There is often a very entertaining impression about simple traditional home designs, where relics are displayed lovingly, each piece of furniture is very rich in historical heritage and every detail is carefully watched. Being in a traditional style house as if it can evoke the romance and traditional atmosphere of […]

Are you among those who like or hobby of collecting shoes? Surely you also feel the problem on this one, confused thinking about how to save it. Especially if you have lots of shoes, it must feel lazy to organize them neatly on a shoe rack. Yet if we want […]

The longer we stay in a house, the more items we have. In fact, the available space is quite limited and does not increase along with the increase in goods. Therefore we must think of the idea of ​​storing goods in the home. Smart design to make effective storage for […]

The presence of home curtains not only plays an important role in maintaining the privacy of residents but also in adding interior aesthetic value. The selection of home curtains should be adjusted to the dominant color of the interior or usually uniform with a pillowcase motif. You can find many […]

Open plan or open floor house design ever and still hits in the world of interior design. This house design is perfect for you who have an area of ​​land that is on average less than 200 square meters. With the right layout/layout, even limited dimensions or narrow land feels […]