Dorm rooms that have limited space make you have to think more creatively in designing it. Especially if you have a roommate, you have to think about how you sleep, study or relax in your room. The idea of ​​boarding room design at this time is not just limited to […]

The small house is no longer an obstacle for you to have complete furniture as needed. Nowadays creativity and ideas for multifunctional furniture designs are increasingly diverse with prices that also vary. Of course, using multifunctional furniture will help you in helping to reduce excessive use of space and make […]

In designing the living room, the arrangement of decorations and furniture is an important thing to consider. In this case, the selection and placement of coffee tables must be correct. Arranging the living room coffee table should be adjusted to the theme of the room. The coffee table itself is […]

Lights become a source of lighting in the house at night. There are various types of lights that you can use such as light bulbs, fluorescent lamps, TL lamps, halogen lamps, LED lights, and hybrid lamps. Each type of lamp has a different function. But what happens if you try […]

In addition to the walls and floor, there is another area of ​​the side of the room that must be considered. That is the ceiling. This area is often forgotten, even though designing the ceiling in the room will give a clean and unique look. Not just the appearance of […]

The small or small house requires the owner to think more creatively in the division of each room. The right arrangement will certainly make the house more comfortable to live in. The kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom are some of the rooms in dwellings which are often the main […]

In a house, it is important for us to always pay attention to design and decoration so that it is comfortable for us to occupy. In maximizing comfort in your home, there are many effective ways to make the atmosphere of your home more comfortable. One of them by giving […]

Another important thing you should consider is the interior design of the house. But also on the inside of the house or interior of the house. This is because the interior design will be able to give an impression that is sufficiently imprinted in the hearts of people who see […]

For women, a makeup room can be used to use makeup before leaving the house. As for men, the makeup room is also useful for smoothing hair or just improving appearance. But, often people forget about the table to make up themselves because it is considered to narrow the occupancy […]

Mudrooms can be the key to keeping your home in order. Mudroom acts as a transition between outside and inside the room, mainly serves as a handle for things that will make your house a mess. With shelves for shoes, hooks for jackets and all storage, they keep the rest […]

Shelves in the house have a function as a place to put certain items so that the house looks neat and organized. These shelves also have various types and placement. One type of rack that is often found is a wall rack. In addition to making the house look more […]