Scandinavian dining room design is a trend in its own design and decoration today. Scandinavian design becomes an easy design to emulate. This design is more concerned with neat and minimalist impression. The warm and modern impression is very fitting for your dining room. In addition, the Scandinavian style can […]

Geometric themes have become an interior trend that is widely used in modern accent pieces, even without us knowing that geometric prints have taken over the design world. Geometric trends have emerged in many places, from office walls to home decor full of triangles, rich tones, and bright colors. This […]

If you are a couple of owners of mini or small houses, you will usually need a furniture design that is certainly in accordance with the state of your home. Especially if you and your family only live together or maybe just four people with your children. Maybe you will […]

Storage cabinet design ideas are indeed very useful to make your home design more comfortable. Because the longer we stay in a house, the more things we have. In fact, the available space is quite limited and does not increase in size with the increase of goods. Therefore we must […]

If you see street art where a lot of colorful streaks fill the walls of the street, do you think that it is very beautiful? And now we will give you some charming ideas that you might not have thought of. Where we have prepared some graffiti art designs for […]

If you have never heard of mountain home decor, here we will explain a little what a mountain house is. Home decor is a decoration that often uses several natural materials in the form of wood and stone piled up. Here, we really hold back the rural elements. Where in […]

Regardless of the area of ​​land you have, you need a creative plan in designing the building that you will inhabit. Every corner of the space must be utilized as well as possible, so as to produce an efficient arrangement. The application of color combinations in the area of ​​the […]

Are you the type of person who likes calm, comfort, and a romantic person? Then the farmhouse is the right style for your home. The farmhouse is an interior design style that applies a rural atmosphere that is calm and blends with nature into the home space. In its history, […]

Industrial design is in full swing, both in offices, apartments, and even for home interior design. Interiors like this show unfinished rooms, such as open pipes, walls to wooden furniture, and exposed waterways. This style often features bricks, concrete, or exposed beams. The presence of metal on walls and doors […]

To have a dream bookshelf, there are some people who use the services of architects to simply consult or cooperate. Get a bookshelf that fits your expectations, then one of the references that you should consider is the minimalist and modern wall bookshelves. You can innovate to make an effective […]

How to design simple staircase stairs? The simplicity of the design of the household stairs requires the design, installation, and finishing that is precise and accurate in order to create an endless result that is second to none. An important factor for completing a simple stair design is to make […]

Whether watching movies or television shows, watching TV in the TV room is a relaxing and entertaining moment. The sitting position is also very influential on comfort so that the design of a simple TV room must still pay attention to how to sit comfortably occupants. It’s not possible to […]