If you are thinking about a new design or a new creation that you want to make, then there are many DIY creations that you can set as an example. We all certainly have a lot of unused items lying in our homes or garages waiting to be thrown away. […]

Ropes that often appear on the pier or the beach can be interesting accessories and decorations for the house! The unique texture and rustic impression make this decoration made from mine very suitable for any design concept. Including DIY rope designs that you can take inspiration to make your home […]

Decorate your home with beautiful and unique lamps from mason jar designs Wall sconces. Mason jar (mason jar) is increasingly popular these days. If you browse the mason jar on the internet, you will find lots of creations from this multifunctional jar. One that you will find is Mason Jar […]

Not all houses have a garden as part of the house. This may be due to the small land or the difficulty of caring for plants that fill the park. Well, for those of you who like to decorate a garden, this one plant might be the solution. Succulent, the […]

Do you have a wall that has no decoration at all and want to try to make DIY wall art to decorate it? Then you find the right place. Not bored feels like preaching about creativity. Ideas, ideas, and imagination to continue to decorate the room apparently continue to develop […]

The coffee table is one of the most important home furniture, its function is not only to complement the chair in the living room. The presence of a unique and nice table can also affect one’s mood while in the living room. Especially for you who like drinking coffee and […]

The existence of ornamental plants in the room can indeed provide a sense of relaxing while improving mood. But the narrow room area instead limits the placement of ornamental plants. And to overcome this, you can try the garden terrarium in mason jars. With terrarium, not only the beauty of […]

Mason Jar has been one of the most sought after items in recent times. Various foods are served in it and look super attractive. For Ladies who have a lot of mason jar, it’s good to use it for household items like this. I had deliberately bought mason jar to […]

Along with the increasing public awareness of the environment, everything that smells of recycling is now increasingly in demand. Apart from being environmentally friendly, recycled products also come with more competitive prices. In the world of furniture, recycling applications are quite often done. We can see industrial style wooden pallets […]

Hanging herb garden is the newest way to grow herbs every year, herbal garden or herbal garden is needed at home because you need various types of herbs for your cooking activities, as well as to beautify your home. Hanging herb garden can you hang on the wall or ceiling […]

If you remember well the next month is a month full of beautiful nuances, then you should look at this idea with your family or friends. You may not be a child anymore, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t get your child out on February 14! In fact, in […]

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