The monochrome theme has become one of the popular designs applied in various fields, from fashion to interior design. Rooms with monochrome nuances are now being chosen specially for those who are happy with the minimalist room design. Monochrome-themed bedrooms can indeed give the impression of elegance, modern, and cozy […]

Right now the trend is for a beautiful shabby chic style bedroom, where the owner fills the bedroom with decorations and furniture in pastel colors and floral patterns typical of Victorian Style. Lots of homeowners who dress their bedroom area so sweet. Unlimited, any space deserves to be decorated in […]

If you think about the bedroom is one of the most vital spaces in a dwelling. Because the main function of this one room is to rest or sleep, then the element of comfort becomes the main element in designing and decorating a bedroom. You do not need to worry […]

There is no doubt that the room is indeed one of the most vital rooms in the house. The room is also the most private place for everyone. In the room, people rest, change clothes, sleep, relax, daydream until making love with a partner. Of course, the time spent in […]

Are you thinking of trying to make a new creation by combining modern decoration with vintage? We have here a few examples that you might try to inspire. In vintage design, the elements of old items put into the room can evoke a cozy atmosphere and a warm atmosphere. As […]

Industrial-style interiors are generally applied to a large residential area. The interior is identical to the atmosphere of a warehouse or factory style and the material of iron and concrete has a masculine and cold impression. Not only suitable for living rooms and kitchens, but this industrial style can also […]

Decorating a bedroom is the most pleasant thing. Because the bedroom becomes a personal place for everyone. In accordance with its function, namely as a place to rest, indeed comfort and tranquility should be the main points before decorating the bedroom. Now, there are lots of bedroom interior designs that […]

The bedroom has always been an area or space that always needs special attention. A touch of interior design and decoration that is absolutely perfect, is something that is mandatory for this area. Modern Rustic is a choice of eclectic interior design styles that are fit for the main bedroom […]

Whether your room is small or large, your decorating style is formal or casual, or whether you like the latest or classic trends that have been proven right, your master bedroom should be your favorite room in your home. After all, where else can you be yourself, fully and absolutely? […]

The play of bedroom paint colors is considered the most appropriate way to make a cramped bedroom feel more spacious because it is considered to be able to liven up the room. Where your bedroom will be more comfortable and beautiful if you can put a good color of paint […]

Bedroom decor with the full-white concept is a favorite of many people with a charming minimalist look. The concept of a white bedroom can be applied to many elements of the house, including the bedroom. Its appearance is synonymous with neutral colors and simple decorations always make the white bedroom […]