5 Incredible Modern Vintage Bedroom Design Ideas For Your Inspiration

Are you thinking of trying to make a new creation by combining modern decoration with vintage? We have here a few examples that you might try to inspire. In vintage design, the elements of old items put into the room can evoke a cozy atmosphere and a warm atmosphere. As for the modern design, you can give the impression of being present where it will sound very opposite to the vintage design that will be a combination. But there are some designs that I have found that can change your thinking.

One of them is a modern vintage bedroom design that we have prepared for you below. As the name suggests this bedroom design is a contemporary bedroom design but with a touch of some old stuff and also a classic color for the shabby impression which can be an attractive design in your sleep. Because many people often think that vintage design means antiques, and will be something that is difficult for you to combine with modern designs, then you are wrong. In fact, by adding items that you already have, it is actually enough to give a vintage impression. And that means you can still add some modern impression or vice versa to get the combined decoration. Like some of the inspiring bedrooms below.

Here is Incredible Modern Vintage Bedroom Design Ideas:

Antique Modern Furniture London
This bedroom design appears muted with red and yellow rather white. The bed comes with a design almost similar to a large, wide sofa. And some typical classic furniture to liven up the impression of vintage like a small cupboard, and the shape of the window that supports the vintage atmosphere in this bedroom. But there is also a contemporary impression that can be felt because the look of this bedroom is not entirely vintage.

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Attic Bedroom Ideas
The design of this bedroom comes with elegant and striking colors typical of an elegant modern style. The area of ​​the bedroom can also be said to be a mix of many designs in addition to modern and vintage. Because in addition to the walls with attractive colors and boho impression in the bedroom provides comfort and beauty for you to build modern vintage design and decoration in your bedroom.

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Bedroom Wall Color Ideas
This bedroom design clearly combines modern and vintage designs where you can get an old bed design in the modern decor of this bedroom. Elegant colors provide a contrasting look to the area but these designs and decorations look elegant with color and furniture combinations.

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Luxury With Dark Bedroom
This bedroom design is a dark design with a decent color that makes you more elegant. Whereas we all know that design and decoration with dark colors will be able to give an elegant impression that you can make an inspiration in your home.

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Modern With Vintage Home Decor
The design of this bedroom is very charming where you can get a perfect design with vintage and modern nuances of a bed that looks charming so you can make an inspiration in making comfort and beauty in your bed.

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How? You find the perfect design for you to take inspiration in building modern vintage decor in your bedroom. I hope the little design above can help you in finding the right design for you to try.

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