Unique Bathroom Concept Under the Stairs You Need to Try

Looking for inspirational bathroom decor? Here are some beautiful bathrooms to make your decorating fixtures run. Maybe you will get one or two ideas for your own home? As a residential owner, it feels less comfortable if a private bathroom is used by outsiders. Therefore, just make a special bathroom for guests. If the land is limited, you can really make a bathroom under the stairs. The bathroom under the stairs does not need to be big as long as it is enough to put the toilet and sink.

Above all, the bathroom must be clean and neat. But it doesn’t have to be purely functional, especially if you appreciate a pleasant atmosphere for a bubble bath or selfie mirrors. So we dream of more than sixty bathroom ideas to help you create an oasis for relaxation and style at home spa level.

If you are planning a bathroom or en suite for a building or renovation project yourself, careful planning and attention to detail can result in a stylish and functional space. The choice of design solutions will help you create a truly unique bathroom.

Bathroom Under Stair Ideas
Bathroom Under Stair Ideas – Source: pevchee.info

Try to use the space under the stairs to build a mini bathroom only? This bathroom can later be filled with toilet and sink and then functioned as a dry bathroom that is more easily accessible from the living room. Here are some tips that you can make inspiration.

  1. Make a minimalist concept with a dominant white color reflecting simplicity. Give a small window for lighting.
  2. Still with a minimalist concept but the floor is made of different materials, the bottom of the sink is also made a cabinet to cover the cables that seem messy.
  3. If you still have space left, you can also add a mirror to give a broad impression on the bathroom.
  4. So it is not easily stuffy and hot, you can find a gap as a place to ventilate the bathroom, to be more fresh with natural air.
  5. In order not to be monotonous, you can use ceramic motifs for the walls.
  6. If to show the rustic impression, you can add properties made of wood such as a sink table and rattan basket for towels or tissue containers. Also flowers in glass bottles as a sweetener.

That’s the tips if you want to build a bathroom under the stairs.

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